Outsourced legal support services with an in-house quality

The changing landscape of IP and the need for in-house IP departments to do more with less is a challenge we understand. Our PatentAlign legal support services business model is designed to help you focus on higher-value activities, increase your workflow capacity and capitalize on significantly reduced costs. The PatentAlign team works with one goal in mind, to deliver the best work product on time, every time. We take a hands-on approach to training our staff to ensure best practices which results in a top-quality work product to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our Services

  • Patent Specifications and Claims Drafting

  • Patent drawings

  • Office Action Responses

  • Patentability, Clearance (FTO/Infringement), Validity, State-of-the-Art and Mining Searches

  • Trademark Searches with opinions

  • Patent Landscaping Studies and Analysis

  • Patent and Trademark Monitoring

  • Other Patent-Related Research as requested

  • Patent/Trademark Docketing

What We Can Do for You

Our Clients Speak

If you draft your client's patent application:

  • 10 hours of your time x $300 per hour = $3,000 + the cost of drawings +
  • the opportunity cost of spending that time on other higher value work

PatentAlign Systems & Processes
are ISO Certified

PatentAlign has achieved ISO 9001 & 2701 certification. This ensures our systems and processes meet International Standards for the Quality Management of our business and Information security. Our processes are audited annually to ensure we remain in compliance with ISO standards & maintain our certifications.