Guarantee for Data Security & Strict Confidentiality

Our clients are assigned a password-protected file on our ftp site for the secure transfer of data. Physical security measures are detailed below. Non-disclosure agreements are required for all PASS employees. The processes in place underscore our commitment to maximum security protection for you, and for your client's data. This is our guarantee to you:

Physical Security

  • 24/7 watch on premises by experienced guards
  • Single point of entry and exit
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Entry authorized only for personnel with valid photo identification
  • Entry for visitors allowed only after verification and recording of name, address and other contact details

Data Security

  • Firewalls, sophisticated anti-virus and spam controllers installed
  • Restricted data access
  • Password-protected ftp site for the secure transfer of data
  • Disabled USB Drives, Floppy Drives and CD-ROM's
  • Verification of a client's email address prior to sending correspondence
  • All paper copies are shredded prior to disposal
  • Strict Internet Security

Employee Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality Agreements signed by all employees prior to joining
  • Confidentiality Training given to all new employees and reinforced on a yearly basis