The PASS patent drafting process is designed with the client in mind – it is simple to use, provides ease of monitoring our progress and is highly secure. The process begins after the client's disclosure is screened to ensure there are no export license requirements or conflict of interest issues. Once cleared, the process begins:

Client submits a patent disclosure in detail, any relevant figures and diagrams, and any additional supporting information by uploading files from a computer hard drive to a password-protected ftp site. Client then notifies PASS via email when the upload is complete.

The Patent team leader assigns the project to the writer who has the knowledge and expertise in the specific field relevant to the patent, and the client is notified of the receipt and the estimated completion date.

The writer analyzes the materials, conducts the background search as necessary and submits to the client our 'understanding of the invention'. Once approved, a USPTO-compliant patent draft is prepared, including publishable drawings as required.

The patent draft goes through a thorough review process.

The writer uploads the patent draft to the ftp site for client review by the completion date. The client is notified via email that the work is complete.

The client reviews the application and accepts or suggests changes. If changes are suggested, the writer will make the necessary changes and notify the client upon completion. The client provides feedback to improve the process for the next draft.

PASS invoices the client.